PLANNING FOR UNIVERSITY FEES When planning for university fees you need to make sure your doing your personal finance and budget planning, there are many areas you need to consider in order to do correct planning for university fees. This article on planning for university fees is based around the actual university costs, if you’re looking for articles on university fees in terms of living check out the sister articles on budgeting. This article will detail the exact costs that university will be sending your way and there are a lot of costs students forget to think about when planning for university fees.

To start off with lets just pull out the basic costs of university:

University course fees

These are the most major costing factors you need to consider when planning for university fee, planning for university fees is never an easy job and it just gets worse when you factor in all those other costs from living in university, living in a flat or living at home so making a budget and planning for university fees on top of that budget will only help you. The biggest cost first, university course fees and about 70% of your planning for university fees should be based around these major costs. On average the cost of a year, in 2009 is 3,145, usually. Make sure you check out your universities charges before planning for university fees in total. If this amount shocks you and you’re thinking where am I going to get he money from, have no fear, what you should do is check out our student articles on budgeting and university grants, loans and bursaries section. When you start planning for university fees look into the transport costs. Will you be travelling by bus, train, foot? If the answer is ‘I live 5 minutes away from Uni’ then you should just skip the next paragraph since this won’t affect you.

Travelling to university could actually be 30% of the final cost once your done planning for university fees out. To ensure that you spend the minimum invest in a rail card or a year bus pass it may cost you allot at first but they will save you a hell of a lot more in the future.

The necessary books you will need for university can range from 200 to 600 and as you might have noticed, that’s not exactly a small amount. When planning for university fees in this field try and find an older university student that does your course or ask questions on open day to find out the average cost and jot these down for later use.

When it actually comes to buying the books don’t think town think eBay, better yet think about our student budgeting section and our articles on saving money when buying books!

That’s the basic fees you’re going to have to expect when going to university so planning for university fees will probably make or break your 1st years budgeting plan. If you’re not the best budgeter check out our budgeting section or just stick what you’re looking for in our search engine. Hope you enjoyed this article on planning for university fees.

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